So where are the travel agencies?

If being a travel agent is a career, then why are there so few travel agencies on Main Street? Two things: First, for reasons discussed above (The Trifecta), travel agency numbers have decreased. You’re probably still skeptical about becoming an agent. I get it. I realize that a travel agency storefront is not a common sight.

This brings me to point number two: Travel agencies and the travel agents aren’t tied to storefront anymore. People don’t realize there are tens of thousands of home-based travel agencies and agents. The internet. This gave travel agents the ability to work from home. With commission cuts lowering agency profits, many storefront travel agencies moved to home based models, where there was little to no overhead.

Is there money in being a travel agent?

By default, when we say “travel agent career”, doesn’t career imply there is money in it? A career isn’t a career unless you can make a living off it, right?

Important: The amount you make varies by if you are a leisure agent or a corporate travel agent, employee or independent contractor. There are travel agents that find great niches and pull in over six digits. Those going at it full time (both employees and independent contractors) can make a decent living from it. Keep in mind that if you’re starting up a home-based travel agent it takes a few years to build your repeat and referral client base so factor in that you’re starting a new business.

Also keep in mind that a travel agent career has amazing perks. It offers the chance to travel to beautiful destinations and to have great experiences, a chance to travel and get paid or write it off.

Does a travel agent career have opportunity?

YES! While logic may tell you, the reduced numbers mean reduced opportunity? NO. The travel industries need fresh blood. You already know travel agents are booking 1/3 of the US travel sales. Did you know that the travel agent population is aging and not enough people are coming into the field to replace them? That, spells out a huge O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y for those that are thinking of a travel agent career!

Why do people need travel agents when they can book their own travel?

People certainly can book their own travel but whether they should be or not is a whole different question. To me, a big reason people dont book with a travel agent is lack of understanding. In certain situations, like leisure domestic airline tickets, people can book their own tickets and I have no qualms. Its simple to look up and compare pricing. Since travel agents dont make money on domestic tickets, its often more expensive to book domestic air tickets through an agent.

But, if youre spending thousands of dollars and choosing between hundreds of different options, wouldnt it be nice to have someone that knows what theyre doing? Someone that has access to wholesale hotels and resorts rates, toured the ship, or has visited the destination?

A 2016 study by the American Society of Travel Agents(ASTA) found that 22% of American used a travel agent–up from 14% from three years earlier. People are using travel agents! And the Millennials led the way for using travel agents in the study, with 30% choosing to go with a pro.

A perfect way to break down why a travel agent career is reality even with the option to book online is the The Paradox of Choice. It explains how the overwhelming amount of choices decreases satisfaction and increases paralysis. After watching this, youll understand why travel agents will always be needed.

A travel agent career is beyond the ability to research and book online. The well-reasoned article by Time magazine. They acknowledge that just because travel agents are no long the sole channel for booking travel, it doesnt mean that travel agents have become extinct. Time argues that the internet gives travelers too many choices and they feel overwhelmed; they want a trusted screener to help them out. And who better than a travel agent?

Want to Try It Out?

A travel agent career means you live, eat, and sleep travel. Everyone likes to think they’re a travel expert because they can Google it. But in reality, there is a lot more to being a travel agent than meets the eye.

If you’re interested in a home-based travel agent career, just view our 7 Facts of Being a Home-Based Travel Agent page or ask our experts.